iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?

iPhone Xs & Xs Max vs iPhone X. Should You Upgrade? Is The Price Worth It? Features, Cameras, Speed, Battery & Full Comparison.

iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max:
iPhone Xs vs Galaxy Note 9/S9:
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Luis G
For the price it should come with AirPods
Lionel Max
6s gang where ya at?😪
April Xu
Anyone else still have the iPhone 7?
Tsy Ch
Still rockin my iPhone 6 😂🔥
Arnav Joshi
6 to X : yea sure y not
X to XS : who the hell are you?
Moritz Funk
I wonder what iPhone XS users do with all that time they save on the faster Face ID
Apple: We’ve upgraded everything...

Including the price tag...
doyoungs mini fridge
im legit jus gna get the x, put a case on it, and tell everyone i have the xs
Summary: it’s a X with a S on the end.
Fadel Dermawan
Literally, i changed my wallpaper on my X onto planet thing just like XS. :/
bro, have you stuck those two phones together?
With the release of the Xs I took the opportunity of the good bargains and I upgraded from iPhone 3G to iPhone 5!
Abhilash manohar
Am i the only one who can't buy an iPhone...but almost watch all the videos...😭
Luke Chan
Short answer: no.
Long answer: nope.
Brandon J Larry
I miss the early IPhone days...

R.I.P Steve Jobs
Unless you manufacture money there is no reason to upgrade after one year. Period.
I still have my flip up phone😳 😂
Rossco 599
"most durable glass yet", still breaks......
Joshua Blahm
Phone releases don't even excite me anymore. The price increase is exponentially increasing but the upgrades really aren't.
Just slap that iphone xs wallpaper on your iphone x and boom

You don’t need that durable glass
You already have a screen protector
And a case
BetterBoring Production
iPhone: We present the Xs Max
Me: I present a Nokia 3300
Putera Khalid Eragon Al Rodie Roedy Koerniawan
The xs is amazing, not the max. Too big for my little hands :P
Hopefully the price drops to like 800$ on the xs by Christmas 2019 or else I'll just get the x
currently got the SE but I may be getting the X this week shook
Tom Richter
What the heck did you glue them together?
Bro i legit have an iphone X,and a friend that has an iPhone Xs,when i compared the Both phones,there is legit no difference
It'sJust_ Liz
I love how he mentions an "XS vs iphone 11" video review and I have yet to actually find one on YouTube 😒. Most reviewers do XS vs iphone 11 Pro, ip8 vs ip11, XR vs 11, XS Max vs 11 Pro Max.
But nope. Not the XS vs 11. Why? I guess they think people upgrade to the next model in line and don't question if consumers are going to spend more money or go down on screen size or not 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😕
A.G. S.G
Am I the only one who pays a month instead of paying 1K?
Dajour Livingston22
When the price drops to $499 then I'll get the Xs until then I'm sticking with the 8+
Medo Arafa
Watching this from my 5s 😂
was gonna get it but..... 3 GRAMS JESUS CHRIST
Me in Early 2018: omg look i have the iphone x im so happy
Literally 6 months later
oh fu-
Vaibhav Joshua Suri
Saving 11 minutes of your life - not worth the upgrade from iphone x
Creative Visuals
"The most revolutionary price tag ever on an iPhone!" ~ Apple. every year.
J DeVinny
“And So the question is, should you upgrade from your iPhone x to the xs? Personally I would not do it.” Goes and buys a pick up load full of xs Max iPhones.
2:55 F**ck. I CAN’T DO THIS. 3 WHOLE GRAMS HEAVIER?! Gotta start working out 💪 dang it.
i just realized this video was made exactly a year before im watching
Zinah Alahamr
Just get the x , were not gonna take frikin professional pictures😂😂
Going from a 6s to a Xs is amazing. It’s so much faster and improves in the quality of life by a lot.
OK Tech
the only guy who gets more rich after every apple event
Bedis Drass
I’m fine with my iPhone X honestly
PSA: I’ll keep the iPhone X until they have a phone that projects the screen on my forearm! This phone is pretty much perfect! No problems with speed, bright colors and display, camera or its features or battery life! STOP BEING SO BOUGIE!
Armaan Mehta
2019 is Getting Micro LED display
Tara Shivakumar
I've always wondered - imagine how Steve Jobs (if he was alive) would react to these new iPhones? I think he would be very proud.
Jacob Rothschild
I will be rocking my 6s Plus until the day i die
Allen Kennedy

All I see, is room for a headphone jack.
9:38 thats where he really answers the question

All i can say is your welcomee
Tasso Demo
Wonder what apple’s next “innovation” will be
TDang Cuber
4:27 he wasn’t even holding the phone on the front 😂😂
Apple makes everything sound new but its not
Any S
I still have my 7plus. When I upgraded it I didn’t miss the 6 at all because the 7plus really made it all easier, smoother and faster.
Eagles SB52
I upgrade my phone every month my niga. You not baller if you don’t upgrade yo phone every month. I have 2 buggati and one more coming also couple rolls
If only I had the $ to upgrade my phone every time a new one came out. Im still on the 6s lol
Shadow Kidd
He called out the dark mode a year ago😂
faisal yaseen
There should be 2 year gap between flagship phones
Susan Graham
I have the iPhone XS Max upgrading from the 6 and I'm celebrating my 2 month anniversary since buying it
Munjed sukhtian
What if I don’t have any of the x’s should I go for the 10s?
Basket ree
Im just rting to find out if its worth an extra 150 in 2019
Keon Winchester
PornHub looks so much better on my Max🤤
Investing Hustler
I don’t think any phone is worth what they’re charging . The more people buy it the more they will keep raising the price !
Bang Lawag
Would probably stick with my X for the next 3 years or so...
I went from a iPhone 5s to a iPhone XS and I’m honestly happy about it!
Him: Xs and Xs max are basically the same thing.

Also him: X to Xs isn't really much of an upgrade but X to Xs max sure is
Samiyah Byars
Y'all are talking about rocking old iPhone im rocking my lg life's not good...
Dang Valerie
Everyone in my class:
“Imma beg my parent for the new iphone”
Me in the same time:
“Mom can i pls have $1 to buy a snack”
Soggun nuggos
iPhone SE GANG🙋🏻‍♀️
Tom Cruisinn
Everyone saying they have an iPhone 6 while I’m here watching with my iPhone 5s ☠️
Bo John Secong Vlogs
Watching with my iPhone6 haha damn i can’t even decide if i’ll get X or XS
Was able to use XS Max. Selfie has this unreal smoothness and i quite hate it 🥺
Mohit Surtani
Question. Why are you never at Apple events. Like if u want Filip to let us know
Selena Hairston
“You know what else would be a great upgrade? A case or a screen protector” OOF
Aboud Cell
10 years later

What im still usingthe iphone xsmax i want the iphone 20
_Yousef 21_
2:46 I have OCD 💀💀💀that’s disgusting 😂😂💔
4:14 guess u were wrong they both got dropped
Hay u Okay bye
It’s funny that I got an sumsang ad while I am watching a iPhone vide😂😂
His intelligence is wats most attractive ❤️🥰😍😍
I’m still going to get the x
k b
5 years with the glass back? have your guy drop off some weed at my place dude... thats some good fkn weed man woooo
Zero one
Save you 11 mins of your life

Joshua Martinez
I have been Android my whole life and I have a galaxy S9 and I'm switching over to Apple so I think I might just get the X
Short answer: no
Long answer: nooooooo
Andres Reyna
Since I do the "lease agreement" with Sprint for the iphones, I feel like whenever a new one comes out that I should trade in my old one for it. I mean, that's the whole point of just leasing a phone, so you can routinely trade them in for new ones without breaking the bank imo. This video really helped!
I want to upgrade from android to xs max for the first time I can afford it but I'm not sure it's worth 1100$ plus thats a lot of moneyyy

edit: it's been one month since I got my xs max haha and I'm satisfied with it
EAP 2014: “if only apple would give us dark mode”
EAP 2018: “if only apple would give us dark mode”
Only real fans understand
ahmed houri
“Time is money” 😂😂
manaswi Shende
Guys why are soo much of likes in common comments??? can't understand
I dropped my iPhone 6 into the toilet after I cleaned it

It survived....

But the screen was flashing
Stephanie __
4:27 are the phones glued together?? 😂
Got a Samsung ad on this video...
What car did your chair come from? Aston Martin, bentley?
Nae Nae
"The phone is 999 dollars"
*Yeah, that's worth it*
"But you have to pay 7 dollars for the dongle"
Lynne Rose
lol I still have an iPhone 5 😂 the line about giving us a dark mode was the best part of this video! Very helpful- thank you!
Comedy Squad
Honestly who cares about these minor "changes"
Revolution X
My 6yrs old iphone 6s still kickin good 😼, only repaired for battery
Roland Foster
Who else here is watching on an iPhone SE?🤙🔥
Ricky 2019
I love the silver and gold it's hard to choose 😂
TheAbsolutGamer 0
So i havent bought any of those, but i do t know wich one to buy. Everything that is the biggest differanse is the bionoc chi A12. And i dont know if i should buy the xs for just the bionic chip
Stephen Curry
I farted at an apple store and everyone was mad not my fault they didn’t have windows
Nedzad Dizdarevic
Main statement: Apple says 😂
Hasnain Tariq Sindhu
They have launched so much models together of iPhone
Farozan Munawar
i see "i guess relatable" comments like "iphone 6 where ya at" or "still rocking' my iphone 7" and i just think who has an ipad 2???