iPhone XS Water Test!


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Nikias Molina
In some parts of the video, the screen of the iPhone looked like it was "glitching". The phone was perfectly fine, it's just how my camera filmed the screen with the ISO and fps! Hope you enjoyed the video fam!
James Siilata
Who else is watching this with their iPhone xs
Dre’s Drawings
Your underrated your such a good YouTuber keep working hard bro
Brad Headland
Even if it is waterproof, I probably freak out if I spilled coffee on it.
I also don’t like coffee or beer.
How can people open their eyes and mouth while being in salt water? I gag if some gets in my mouth
Sebastian bundrick
I’ve went to six flags and forgot I had my iPhone X in my pocket and me and my family went on a water ride and my phone got soaked and I Dried it off and it worked perfectly fine.
Jesse Rivera
The one dislike is a Note 9 user lol. 😂
I've dropped my 5s in water before and it was perfectly fine. If the Xs didn't work then I'd be pretty surprised
Christa White
Looks like you’re having a lot of fun. Great video! I dropped my old 5S in the toilet once 😂 it still works
Moo Moo
Nice, thanks for making the extra effort to diversify your content. Keep it up!
Gotta change that 80k in the intro to 90k now
Jon Tvedt
Meanwhile I am still scared to pull it out while it’s raining
My xs max will be delivered in less than 24 hours I’m excited!!
serxan huseynov
my ıphone destroyed xsmax(((
Nicole fruit7
What about charging your phone?
Corvus Glaive
I dare u to swim 🏊‍♂️ in the water playing the apps
I've had an iPhone 4s, 5s, and currently the 7. With each one, I get a LifeProof case, so I've never been worried about submerging it. Even with that case, I've not submerged it other than to show off to friends and co-workers. I think my next iPhone I'll likely not bother with the top-end LifeProof case, but will be getting one of the lower-end cases, just for grip purposes. I don't like naked phones. Too dangerous for drops, imo.

That said, will you be comparing the current iPhone X phones to previous models? Or maybe not compare them, but if someone had an older iPhone, which model would they have for you suggest upgrading? Should I upgrade my 7 to an Xs? Should I wait?
Gabriel Melton
Love your vids so much... I’m also a huge fan of the Apple Watch and plan on getting the series 4 for Christmas... keep up the good work! 👍
Luigi Villegas
Cool video! Among the early ones!
Rohan Rampersaud
📲 Dis phone isn’t alike iPhone X’s
Don P
Nice video, you out a lot of work and effort into them, great work champ.
luv_jni hzk
4:07 the girl at the back :)
Wow man almost to 100k congrats! I remember watching your vids when you had a couple thousand subs. Growing fast, keep up the great work!
Michelle Anderson
That’s amazing,you’re my favorite youtuber thnks for making this video 🔥💭
R Johns
Great video!! I got my gold stainless steel Series 4 Apple Watch yesterday! It’s awesome!!
Cyrille Beenhackker
Thumbs up again for your vid! Almost thought you were going to give us The finger... haahhahahaha Peace dude ✌🏼!
I’m Hungry Now
I used to take photos and videos under water all the time with the 7plus (IP67), so definitely not concerned about my Max.
Joan Rose Ampo
love the video, i hope you do Leica x u typ 113 review
Brxndxn Nrl
What if the liquid gets inside the plug?
Yohenny Sabrina Castro
Great video!! hopefully that was your iphone for test if its not, dude you're a very brave XDXDXD
Lewis Meechan The Vloger
Hi I’m literally so like u I’m getting the new s4 Apple Watch 44mm can’t wait for it to arrive
Justin F
When I first got my 7+ I dropped it in a lake before it was even 3 weeks old. Rip me, rip iPhone, thank god for insurance. 😂😭
End Light
Join got the s4 Apple Watch it’s amazing
Matt T
Good testing. Keep up the good work.
Matt- Skill Level: 3680
Hey Nikias, did you know that Apple replaced the “flash”sport loop with the “flash light” sport loop?
Amado Ramos
Thanks for the videos. You were also wearing your Apple Watch lol
Wow thangs apple world 🤣🤣🤣💓💛💜💕💝💖💞💗💞💟💙💚❣❤
Pink Neck
Ye still scared to put it in water
Peter Vladimir Møller
Nice contest you always make! You are so close to 100K
Trusted Texan
Great video Nikias! 100K is right around the corner!!! 👀 If you guys aren’t subscribed do it now, Nikias is amazing! 🙌
10% Happier app! Nice! Also great video!
Morning Star
Friend is m'y you old friend
OK wooooow dis phone ehh iPhone is very cool how you get dis new iphone 👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏🍎📱
Kyle Taddeo
Damn that’s awesome man!! Great vid. Love your content
Japie Hoeven
It’s really sad to see you wasting coffee, I love coffee
Debby Wisner
Yikes $1200 test - but good to know
Love the new iPhones!!!!!
AMAZING! Have a wonderful day!
“I’m so scared”
*Jumps right in*
Dakota Gunter
Gutsy. I wouldn’t have done any of that. But glad to know.
Jake Ressler
Noice dude
Gwion Jones
And yes...I have dropped my iPhone down the toilet before (5S). Love your cutaway moves into the water, so smooth man. You live in such a beautiful area of Catalonia 💙💛As well, would love to see a MacOS Mojave video since it’s now out
Jasmine Owens
I was searching for a video that tested the speakers AFTER it being in water. Thank You 🙏🏼
I think it got faster after you spilled that coffee on it, you should take a benchmark lol
Software Network
Love the content ❤️
James Sta Rita
Hi Big Fan here from the Philippines 🇵🇭 that’s a great effort 👌🏻
Mohammad Usman khalid
My xs max is damaged by water in a pool
Can i claim from warranty?????
Alice Galletti
Anxiety shot through the roof watching this...
Speak Spanish one day
Tea Time
Diego Medrano
Hi Nikias
Benjy Poli
Sweet video bro! What would you have done if the phone broke? 😂
Which is your daily driver? Thx
Watching this while the water on my hair is dripping onto the screen
I want to make underwater pictures so bad😂
nick thornton
Can you do a desk tour
chutiya sarkhi aai ghaltoi panyat nigh baher😂🤦🏻‍♂️
i don't have an ocean on my home to do it at home :(
jonas flores
Love your videos, you’re a fantastic youtuber!❤️💪🏼
Cesar Delgadillo
Will this apply to the XR?
Armando Ceballos
Are you wearing you apple watch series 4 with the lime green band
David Guenthner
Tiger wins!
Alana's Awesome Life
Manoj technical
Your the best YouTubers in the world....
Life is cool !!!!
The sea water does damage to it because of the slat
Edit: I mean salt
J Ranjan
Bro an Emergency I think I lost my AirPods case but my AirPods still works
Mariusz Pocztowski
You have nice weather down there :)
I’ve split a glass of water on it, and everything worked fine including speakers etc. I guess that’s what ip68 certification is made for the odd spill or using your phone in the rain.
Keith jackson jr
Awesome video bro
I wanna buy the gold SS watch, do you think it suits most of the bands? Which NYLON band would you recommend for a girl and with this gold watch do you reckon the hot pink or any other colour that looks real good with the gold?
Milos Jovanovic
Thanks bro!
I took a shower and fregot my watch on.... It survived
s3oud A
Have you tried Siri shortcut app ,it's a good topic :)
clanbiwosuduuwu_yt gamer_yt
I bought apple watch series 4 and I'm too fond of apple
Marshall Grayson
This is AWESOME!
Telly Bangz
Sangz 5150
Now I’m tempted to take photos under water😅
Cool man 4445 For the memes
Nice vid
Fix your hair in your vids bro
Ethan fried Chicken
This is so cool I really want one too your lucky
You were about to say the iPhone might drop on the beer lol I'd like to see that
Moran Ben Hur
After i was in the pool , diving with it.... the camera became hazy from steam the day after.
Rahul Nihalani
Interesting 👍👍
Ariel Carela
Nice video 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Ayo Azeez
All iPhone6+ have water resistance
No Is not a no
6 x 6 = 36th!
tudor patras
How is the phone working after this time? Any salt water damage? Or glitches?
Joshua Duca
still not safe to put under the water for along time hahahaha
Mr Lootes
In salt water eroides
Yusni Yunos
The watch survived also ya?