iPhone XS Drop Test

It took me a little bit to do a drop test for the iPhone XS, but it's finally here so we get to check out the iPhone XS's durability when dropped! I'll be bringing you a iPhone XR drop test here soon, so stay tuned for that!

Aputure Lights I used:
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Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this new drop test style where I drop it until it breaks and then smash the crap out of it! Let me know what you think! Cause I value your opinions!! See you guys next time! Mega-giveaway ends in December so be sure to enter if you haven't: https://youtu.be/m3ChY7MPYmQ
Put it in rice
His wallet is screaming in horror
bowser men
This guy sounds like MrBeast.
Abu Savage
*slams a glass phone on concrete*

*glass shatters*

*surprised Pikachu face*
Hurts to watch a $1500-CAD phone in getting smashed like this.
FaZe Drawn
The. Neighbours are like: oh hes dropping an expensive phone again. Should we call the mentall hospital
Imagine If They Wouldn't Recording 🤐🤐
One question, how can you afford all the iphones for the videos?
potato guy 9000
Remember that halloween video?
That kid who's sister or friend got a phone and that poor kid didint get the phone and he kept turning back
Try and find him then give him a phone
Like if he should do that
Nolan Brodrecht
Drops on mattress

Ohhhhhhh that was vicious

FanGirl Series
Drop a phone in foam

OMG 9 likes! That’s more than what I get in my videos.
Toxxic Vanity
"Mr.Stark, I don't feel so good"
Amazing 3D Effect at 1:46 when you think the phone turn to the right ! Like this comment for people see this effect.
Matthew Williams
4:24 a tiny glass shard flew onto your shoe
This channel got so much better with the slo mo camera!
*_Worlds strongest glass on a smartphone_*

ₚₑᵣₕₐₚₛ ₙₒₜ
Maryem Sabri
My heart 💔💔💔💔you must have a strong heart to keep doing this 😂😂😂Does anyone keep closing their eyes every time he take the phone 😵😵😵 "please don't break " That phone is strong I want one 😭😭😭😭 but I'll never drop it
saudmdrkhm ツ
3:51 Imagine a deaf stranger walking by thinking it is a picture but he drops it omg
Infinity Blackpink Blink
This is oddly satisfying 😂😂❤
This makes me realize I need a case for my iPhone 11 lol
King Faisal
Hurts to see this lol
Just cracked my xs max screen and I almost cried when I found out it costs 330 to replace the whole screen assembly because a glass only repair is very hard so breaking a 5 dollar piece of glass is gonna cost me 330
Apple & Tesla Lover
That durability is insane!! Love you Apple, you are the best!! ❤️
Deepak sharma
I like the way he completes face id like a mad person 😂😂😂😂
Me: Omg thank you so much !!!! for giving me this phone I promise I won’t break it !!!

Gizmo: Ah I don’t care dad will just buy me another one LETS DESTROY!!!!
Adolfo pian 123 Roblox
iPhone haters:😆

iPhone loafers:😡
2:43 oooooooooo!!!!
ionstar751 :D
Now Thats ALOT of D A M A G E 9:14
chezz crackerzzz
There's a hairline crack all along

Justin Brown
Dude y’all wreck phones for content you should just give me an I phone sx max and my reaction would be good content 😂
Walter D Mg. Garcia
Im watching this on my Xs Max and it’s broken already
Baconface McGee
In the first drop, I was expecting the phone to hit the cement and put a dent in it.
Lord Aidan
Phone: I will not die!
-10 minutes later-
Phone: Fu-
Luz Lizola
This videos make me feel poor af ahaha greetings from Baja California Méx 🇲🇽 😊
Lord Kevin
“It’s dangling dude!”
Been waiting on this for a while!
Rashed ultra
7:25 that sound haha
Range Rover Car Guy
You felt the tiny peace of glass hit you. OMG 🤣😂
"Omg too nervous." Same.
When you use face id for the first time 6:10
Imagine walking around with that.😂
Tara Shivakumar
I have an iPhone XS and after watching this video, I’m always going to keep my phone safe!
Johnny Bravo
:38 I'm going to say 3 drops and it'll be broken.
Samuel James
You know you’ve made it in life when you have a YouTube channel and you can afford to destroy 1100$ smartphones. Congrats, brother
Саня Головачёв
These guys:OoOoH its scratched!
Me:guy! This happrning every day with me!
MR. TECH ENTHUSIAST /electrical circuits master
I am very impressed with Apple ... Though in spects I don't think so
Abdullah Ahmed
They leave the phone to see the footage imagine a guy seeing it on the floor and taking it
7:06 i was so shocked XD
Shutter Smash
Hurts to watch, my phone just xiaomi redmi 5a 😭
Faisal Ash
This was so satisfying 😍
I’m getting my dads xs max and this got me WoRrIeD
Adarah munimed
Send me some so I could do the drop test live 😂😂😂
Rainbow Monkey Socks Tye Dye Turtle
Bet you feel destructive when the video ends
When you were are at school and your parents went through your phone and saw porn. This happens >:c
Danny Côté
I'm gonna go "4", that's a good call. You can't, take 3 or 5! Than let's go for "6". Totally make sense XD
Hey gizmo loving your videos man honestly, love videos like these.
Simon Matthews
That was a thorough comprehensive drop test & lovely slow motion video. One of the best drop test I have ever seen & I was cringing every time you hear it land on the concrete! Praise to you for your hard work!
Czaesar Dominic
Why does the other dude sound like he’s breathing helium or something?
Apple User
Their reactions were so good lol
Timij k
Hey I have an
amazing idea drop this phone in my bed
Fabiana Ramirez
How did it turn from day to night that quickly? What have u guys been doing?😂
Keivon prater
I love the videos but it honestly makes me depressed seeing these phones get destroyed when I can't afford one
Банька Порилка
2 дибила-это сила! Оба удивляются, когда телефон со всей дури кинули и он разбился
Rehman Khan
5:08 In 3... 2... *Throws Phone* 1...
Hunter Wegworth
6:28 TOTALED!!
Brody Haden
I’ll take it even though it’s been ruined
3:19 there is an iphone XR
Justin Bouchard
I don’t know why I watch this. A perfectly good iPhone X s😢
Jay Kevadiya
Every time you drop it “oooooooooo,ooooool
Tristen Baylis
Took off my life proof case to clean it off, just been messing with phone without it.... that case is going straight back on after this watch
Xbox Xbox
When I do another giveaway please can I win🙏anyway I love ur vids
David -The Technology Boy
I just dropped my phone when I’m watching this
Two epic things to mention.
The camera glass had no scratches ':D impressive, I believe it was sapphire right?
Also I think the display is still working, it's an OLED display so every pixel is an individual. The phone just died and therefore the display switched off.

That's a minimum of durability you should expect from a 1000+$ piece of communicative equipment ;)
10k subs with a few old vids
3,2 “yeet” 1 5:10
Drippy .
:(💔 it hurts to see this....
Adriel Bearden
6:25 - 6:30 It lands and the screen still looks fine but when it turns around and shows the screen again it's green.
bucktooth Patrick
If that was me dropping that iPhone Xs. I would have no hesitation.
Baconface McGee
It understand drop testing, but not the smashing part.
Chicken Whisperer
I have a xs and this is hurting me 😭
I wish I was you! You get to smash the iPhone for fun! And I can't! 😭😭😭😭
just someone who is bored
4 views and 22 likes...

Youtube is drunk again.
Anh Khoa
The last one wasn't a drop. You just smashed it 😀
U guys were like ooooh my god every time u threw it like ooooooh my god
Cutie Cocoa
I'm here to see the destruction of iPhones. This makes me happy
you do extreme test and expect the phone to survive 🤣
Yo gizmo may I have that MESSED UP I PHONE X
Kadek Sudarwika - MacroHD
fun and iteresting i love this video
Álvaro ,
Nokia se ríe de esto :v
4:35 is the first drop
Stefan Veit
It hurts me everytime you throw it on the ground. Interesting video, but it makes me sad.
George Manikas
I really wanted to know what would happen if I threw my phone at concrete. Thanks!
David Seo
YungPinch Wateves
Why dose he sound like mr. beast
Gabbie Kapaun
*this was painful to watch*
Sad German
Does anyone else notice the change in lighting? Makes me suspicious.
Mikayla's life
The people who voted 8+ drops are probably the people who have the iphone xs and are hoping that there phone will survive 8+ drops
Harisson Silva
Parte o meu coração 💔
Josmar Gamaliel Ocampo Barranca
bryan ramirez
Why dose it look like there lines going up on the screen on slow motion