Ultimate iPhone 2019 Battery Comparison: iPhone 11 Pro Max vs 11 Pro, 11, XS Max, XS, XR and 8 Plus

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108 комментариев
Tests of this sort can take up to an entire day. Easily 11 Max has the best ever battery. Kudos on the hefty work.
Barry Wojciechowski
Flawed. The older phones have much older batteries and therefore they do not have the original battery capacity... This test is brutaly flawed because of that. Of course the newer phone is will last longer..... Test should be run with all brand new batteries in each phone.... Then it would be accurate....
wow that's what we call quality content!
Heisenberg K.
iPhone 11 is the best cost benefit, that's why I am getting one soon.
I'd be interested in seeing the fastest charging phones too
Tzwac dastag
Appreciate the hard work in making this Comparison Video
Aashik Ameen
Really good system to do battery drain test.
Appreciate it.
Please do this same test between iPhone /samsung/ pixel/ huawei and other flagship smartphones
Lg Marquez
The YouTube test surprised me 🤯...My OnePlus 7 Pro has lasted me at most 11hrs of on screen stone when watching YouTube never really thought that was iPhones weak point.
Torrey Shelton
You guys have restored all of my confidence in you with this video alone. Thank you so much for doing this. This is the go-to video.
Sebastian Cichowski
3:10 what happened here? This chart hurt my eyes. Why are the bars for XS, XS Max and 11 Pro the same lenght?
JK squad
Do the same for Samsung... it would be quite interesting, especially comparing results to the iphones
Syahir Saad
Htf iphone 11 pro defeated to iPhone 8+... 😂😂
Very well done Vick, for sure iPhone 11 Pro Max gets this year's ( 2019) battery beast award and at least justifies "Pro" moniker.
Honestly this test seems pretty accurate for my iPhone Xs, it never had good batterylife to begin with...
But to be fair its wrong to compare iPhone XS (1 year old) and 8 Plus (2 years old), since they are older phones and their battery has degraded significantly over time.
EN Gaming
I got my iPhone 11 Pro Max yesterday and my battery is on 90% at 3:00 PM while my old iPhone 7 Plus would be around 60% battery life sometimes 50%. Very impressive battery , love the camera and definitely the OLED screen better than LCD
Ajay partap singh Waraich
The XR is still a battery beast 🔥
Gaurav Gaba
Great comparison better than speed test.
Kudos for the hardest comparison.
Ashish Kumar
Well done phonearena
Shabbir Khan
Best iPhone 11 Budget Mobile Phone and value for money
Tzwac dastag
This Channel deserves more Subscribers
The best comparison thank you !
Bill Tibbetts
Wondering what capacity is left on the 8+...mine is at 86% and seems like it doesn’t hold its charge like it did nearly 2 years ago
Watching this on my 11 Pro Max.
Kevin M.
Awesome Test 👍!!!!! Way more. In depth than other battery test
Michael Gallegos
We're the older generation models used or new devices?
Samuel James
The best thing I got out of this video is to not use your phone for gaming. That’s what I use my iPad for
ebinoracle jose
One of the best battery comparison👌.Kudos phonearena team for the great work 👍
Its Just Joel
Next time you do, this, could you randomly put in something like... I dunno, and iPad mini 2 or something. I wanna see it get wrecked by the others.
Tizo Jiyane
The PhoneArena way lol
ShivamKrishn Agrawal
iPhone Xr gang hit like
I will take battery life over 3D Touch anytime
Gary Chapman
The 8 plus did well against some newer phones.
Pretty Boy Flizzy
Where’s the X?
This is very great test.I can see which part is best.
Adrian X
So glad i got the XR. It's a really great phone i love it.
Lokesh Chauhan
Why Video Blurred on top part of iphone?? ... Hiding Real Time & actual Battery percentage. NOT Authentic TEST.
Mark J Rai
I have the iPhone pro max I don’t do gaming and can last the next day afternoon with 20% battery left
Travon Woolridge
Rocking a read iPhone 11
samir murillo
Any chance to do the same test but with pixel phones?
Gary Chapman
XS Max and 11 Pro behind the 8 plus in battery!
Shahed Rasul
Do u have samsung battery drain test.
Hamad Hasan
Like this test...
Iphone 8 plus did well.. considering its age.
Im hearing the 11 heats up
abade Al
I would say Apple should make their battery 4500mh at least for the pro
My 11 pro lasts much longer than your test result, whole day battery life of daily using activists, without gaming.
Sheela Kumari
24 hours hard work in 8 mins
You forgot the iPhone X but never mind it because for sure it will die firstly in every test 🤯😎🤪
Elias Maerien
Great video! Maybe you can do this for the Samsung phones as well?😉
Gwyn 95
i rely want the iphone 11 but i see it a bit heavy
arabic snapchat
I need one of those phone
Abhi Jeet
Using 8 plus✌️
iPhone 11 is my phone!!
Paul Bonifacio
Why was the iphone X not there? Instead of 8plus
I´m getting my iPhone 11 Pro tomorrow, upgrading from XR, so I´ll get worse battery life overall. That's a bit disappointing. Good thing it comes with a fast charger.
Abdulaziz Alskait
Are all Phones with 100% battery health?
Sh Ya M
U missed iphone X 😕
Engin Uzunoğlu
Super test, thanks.
Kokoh Fuming
What ios 13 version do you use for iphone 11 pro max?
Flynn Bergschneider
This is not normal, my XR goes up to 7 hours YouTube Playback and 4-5 hours 3D gaming.
Youssef Soltan
Quality content😍😍😍
Gene Paradiso
My XR is an amazing phone!
good work keep it up
Brian Tran
wheres the 10.....
Gwyn 95
appreciate the video dude
moumen sawady
s10 galaxies?!
Glenn Thomas
Where has @johnvelasco been?!
why didn't u do the iphone X?
Kristian Avramov
great video 👌
Shahana Fatima
What happened to Xs Max it also has bigger battery 🔋😵 may I know the battery capacity of Xs Max?
Himanshu Chamoli
And here PIXEL 4 had 2800mah battery
what ios they are use ??? hmm.. 😑
Balla Thug
Why not include the iPhone X?
John Matthew
I just wish the iphone 11 was 1080p.....
mouad talbi
horrible performance from all these iphones compared to android
except 10 pro max
Tech Help
Where is the iphone x?
Why is YouTube so bad before iPhone 11?
Dave sonnstwad
Nice Video man👌🏼
Ekaansh Rathore
To be honest the real hero is iPhone 11 i mean it beat Xs max which is far better for an average user....lol but the thing is i still can't get one need help..😂
Why block the time?
rana das
iPhone is great great phone
LENG Sreylene
iPhone 11 👍
Aaron Austrie
Love it
Maneq H
XR gang 🙋🏾‍♂️
Lucas Gawor
The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a smaller battery than my £300 phone.
Preveen Padmanabhan
John Smith
iPhones battery health declines quick, after a year plus my S9 battery health is still 100%
Chimezie Suave
IPhone Arena
Marcel Buschmann
Why do you get such unbelievble bad results on the iPhone 11 pro? Like how can it last shorter than the iPhone xr and the previous generarion iPhone XS? I have seen a lot battery tests and i had myself the iPhone 11 Pro and now the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Your results are really strange:D
Very good video...
Vishnu Vijwani
What the heck. Last year iPhone XR lasted for almost 7hrs in YouTube test after it was released and now we can see apple intentionally decreasing battery life through software. If y'all say battery becomes older that's why.. no you are wrong. My 1 year 8 months old OnePlus 5t still gives me 6.5 hrs of YouTube with a Sim in it. Now tell me if apple is not playing with their customers
Goldfinga Sliverfinga
Jorge Cruz
This comparison made the iPhone 11 Pro look shitty. How the hell it got beat up so bad by the $700 counterpart when Apple claimed that the Pro would last 2-3 hours more than the 11?
Longest lasting phone of the year-ROG Phone 2!! ez pz
reda mohammad
This test it's not fare enough

I got 7 hours daily screen on time with my XS 🤔
Manuel Gonzalez Parra
I guess I’m getting the pro max
Mashud Mohammed
I HATE iPhone
Royal Boyle78
I have the 11, and and I bought the fast charger and I notice my phone wil last longer when I charge with the 5watt charger then when I charge with he 18watt charger, its weird
Peter Dang
It would be a lot better comparison if u did it with other smartphone brands . Why making iPhone vs iPhone comparisons it’s not fun . I wanna see  smashes other brands
Only took apple 12 years to make a acceptable battery. Still not even close to being best in market though