iPhone XS Unboxing: Space Grey! (iPhone 10s)

iPhone XS new space grey unboxing & review.

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Thank you guys so much for watching!
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Bobert 547
Am I the only one who has never liked plus iphones. I just prefer a normal sized phone.
Nelabs Growtopia
The only apple product I can afford is an apple juice...
I’m getting an iPhone 10s in space gray too that’s why I clicked on the vid lol
1:20 “this is what top of the box look like” Wtf are you serious? Was that even call for 😂😂😂
Deborah S
Am I the only one watching this bc I can't afford a real phone so I just satisfy myself with these vids lmaoo
Marie Marie
i'm so poor :)
It’s Tomas
Omg when he said “hey Siri what’s the weather today; the Siri on my iPhone responded🤣
Jąmęýľøľžęęý Ğąmîňğ
Yo turn the volume up my volume is max up and it's still not that loud but when there's a ads it burn my ears
Claire Soloria
Why he just show us the inside of the lid like?!?!😂🤣
Altoonio_11 11
Watching on my iPhone SE♿️
Eric Shin
we dont need to know how top of the box look like LMAO
Carlos Caceres
I need an iPhone 🤣🤦‍♂😭😭
*Black* iPhone XS looks stunning... I have one 😊
I got the same phone but silver. I just got it yesterday and I was so happy. I used to have the iPhone 6S in Silver! Love ya pog!!! Have a nice day!!!!
Ydmoney 6544
I want the xs SO BAD
When you said your recording with an iPhone x I was like danggggg the mic and quality is so good
Andrew Smith
Thank you for this video!! It helped my parents with their decision and I am now loving this phone!!
xs here, and the very important shot of the top of the inside of the box was what convinced me to cop it
Youssef Ragai
6:20 Chubby boi.
Kofi Max
I need someone to personally ship an Xs for me then I pay him..am in Ghana
Neil PlaysGuitar_YT
I am getting a Space gery 64 GB Xs Max in July because i am catching a connecting flight in Shenzhen and Hong Kong just happens to be next to it.....and i just happened to have one day to spend in Shenzhen so😀😀.
I will get the space grey one! My phone right now is the 6sp. I still love it but it almost has done its life. The camera is really shaky and the battery life significantly decreased compared from when i first get it. It will still be my back up phone that i will grab for a hiking or school camp trip!
I am getting sooooo hyped for my new phone!! (although my mum pay for it but I will take it)
Cool video!
Lol he could live anywhere in the world, who cares if they even knew your password
Madoc John
I am the 100th like I'm proud.
Jaz R
1:13 that’s really helpful thankyou! Lmao
Joe Ellis
1:14 nice we've got a full box review aswell
Erika Parker
I’d be scared to even smudge the back
Is it wrong to not know “ Detailed phone names” if u know what I mean 😂😂
Ramon’s Art
I like to watch these vids after horror movies, lol
Mystic Wolf 07
Has he done a face reveal
Also pog you should make react videos if you make a react video you should react to 6ix9ine Tati
Breanna Storlie
Getting my xs in space gray on Wednesday!!
Logan Loud
I have the Xs max and I am watching this
Its Lisa234
Im getting the same one
Sharron Christian
1:20 okay dude really with the top of the box thing was that called for its a box that is most the basic thing someone can call out in reviews of a phone
Roman West
He kinda sounds like Brandon robert
Ailed Espinoza-Nava
i haven't had a phone for almost a year now and i'm getting a job soon so i can buy my own, i'm glad i came across this i wasn't too sure at first but now im getting one like this for sure!
Jesse Hernandez
I love how apple proudly states that it was designed by apple in california, but doesn’t say assemble in China 😂🤣👍🏽
Didnt even know you where speaking until I raised the volume to max
To be honest, when I saw this video, I screamed so much “OMG! Unboxing again” so excited for your unboxing video and a bit jealous too😁😊
My siri is opened 😂
toby theslow
Well i had a 6s years ago then i switched to a Samsung s7 and after that i had a ruggear phone and now i am back with a Iphone xs just to see how far apple has become i guess 😂
S O F I A · A G U I L A R
I'm getting Gold 😂
Im keeping my X, Thank you very much
Krizzia_blink_ Conde
I wish I could have iPhones but my phone is android and it is local

Get Comedy
Series 4 on his hand
LOL my Siri popped up twice when he set up Siri in the vid XD
Blue Animul
3:25 face reveal yall
Top Ninja
Great comparison, i am not confused anymore on identifying xs from x.
Kim Christian James Amador
How I wish to have that phone too. 😣
Im getting a 10s my bro getting the 10r vs
IPhone Video Quality is insane! (I have an IPhone 6s)
l Solarz l
I'm also gonna get the xs
Tine Adivar
I enjoy this iPhone. Thank you for sharing. :)
Pog you should make an intro
esaddiel_ el papi
Am getting the max in 5 hours
KEN Keem
Give away💕
CharlesMcneill VEVO
XR is the best iPhone I’ve had, it’s cheeper by 250 pounds, it does the exact same thing, the screen is great for being LCD and it’s an amazing size like right in the middle
Maja Øiamo
I’m getting the 10s soon
Talento Raro
pena que aqui no BRASIL isso vale 1 milhão :(
I don’t know what phone I want for my FIRST (not really) iPhone! I want a XR or XS
I won’t get the iPhone:
X- it doesn’t come in gold
XS- too small
XS MAX- too big
XR- don’t like the camera and colours
Nazar Aldabash
i realy love your vids .my 1 favourit eps. and 3 favourit vids
cute rat Lup
Apple iPhone xs high quality and advance technology .
Raj Sharma
I loved it.... iphones are love......
Hoping that I could buy it ........
Kamal Yusuf
Good video, there we go. Lol 🤣🤣
I have an iPhone XS space grey too lo

I got it for a birthday present
Greian Salvio
I can’t pay for my things because I don’t have a job. This motivates me to study hard and achieve my dreams. Then I could Finnally own a good phone. I am currently using an Iphone SE 😔.
imamuddin rezayee
Price xs with Apple watch series 4
TheSmiler Enthusiast
Imagine dropping the box...
0_0 $#!%
that moment: 00:52
Sam Knight
can u pls do a giveaway i need a new phone
Salman Ali
iPhone 10r (Xr ) beautiful phone
I used and really lovely phone
I got a Samsung ad in this vid *LOL*
wiktoria streams
Am looking at reviews cause I rather get an iPhone XS then the 11 I think iPhone XS is better then 11 in my opinion don’t know which phone I should get 🤷🏻‍♀️ any suggestions
Jesse Hernandez
Like the video, only thing I’d recommend is more better lighting guy
Loco The Killaa’
Guys i need help, right now do i have an iPhone 8 and i wondering if it’s worht to upgrade to XS or the regular X?
snaily gamer
Do a face reaveel
i want one :(
its treachy
Lmaoo no thx I’m good with my space grey 7+’s home screen button
Ян жемчугов
YangSoojung Ddungie
Daaaang lot of ads no wonder you can afford those iphones
Arin's Blah Blah
even the sound of plastic is louder than ur voice...
You got the 64 gig. I’m trying to decide. Please explain what made you decide on the smaller storage please
Leah Morris
I’m getting silver
Xomy bro
can i charge my iphone with my 12w charger from my ipad air, because the charger that i got in the box is too slow?I dont know if that will ruined my battery because i use the diffrent one.
Lupe Pradoo
I’m boosting from a iPhone 6s to a iPhone XS soo 😽👍🏽
Jake 3752
I'm going in 2-3 weeks to upgrade from my 5S. Getting this, except a 256 GB model. I already know all I need to know but I'm still scrounging for new info anyway lol
S u c c
Got one for Christmas. Upgrading from the 6s plus
Hannah Parker
This was very helpful!! Thankyou!
dude whats wrong with the audio
Sri Raj
I’ve got xs 256gb as a gift in grey when I like silver most !! Meh I’m confused what to do 😒
I want to buy 😢
Mordecai M.
I have that cell phone 👍
Austin Shakeel
Khine Cho
The space grey does not match my MacBook Pro ):
Jakob Moser
What do you do with all those phone's
Gamer James
man i bought a xs max and now am regretting...xs is way better
voice crack btw 8:53
Dina Wahid
Im getting an iphone xs max when my phone breaks is it worth it ??