Apple iPhone Xs Review: A (S)mall Step Up!

Everything you need to know about iPhone Xs and Xs Max!
iPhone Xs Max Unboxing:
iPhone Xs skins:

The wallpaper:

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Video Gear I use: #recommendation17959
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Intro Track: Voices by 20syl



Phone provided by Apple for review.
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Cookie Tasty
One small step for technology,
one giant leap for pricing.
B dog Playz

“As big as a tv as expensive as a tank”
Michael Gralnick
“XS Max is a bad name”

IPhone Eleven Pro Max:
Hold my beer
TheTechWizzBizz 93
No one gonna mention how adorable his dog is? No? Just me? Mmkay 🐕
OP lama lizard random things
Why didn't apple call the iPhone xs max the iPhone xl
Dhiraj Gawande
If it costs 2000$ in my country, it better be made of vibranium.
who actually wants him to act as a tech geek intern in a new marvel movie?
Clone clutz
fingerprint scanner on the apple logo would be cool
Edit:with Face ID as well
Nick Sanchez
Just upgraded from a 6s to the xs, will be here this week. Excited
About to switch from Note 8 back to iPhone. All the bells and whistles have been great for 2 years but I miss the simplicity of apple.
9:29 I guess they never miss huh?
Desmond Yeo
People tends to complain how expensive and lame iPhones are.
But many still buy them. Everyone has their own preference.
Jake 3752
I'm going to a XS from a 5S in around 3 weeks. The 5S was my first phone. Got it for my 13th birthday, 5 years and 2 months ago. I know it'll be a huge difference and a decent learning curve. I can imagine that I'll spend hours just trying to find all the things 3D touch can do, and I'll probably spend just as long just marvelling at the camera and screen upgrades.

It's kinda funny. I'll be going from the first iPhone with a fingerprint scanner to the second one to have FaceID.
Gaming Maniac
Marques.. :- "OnePlus 6T might have it.. "

The day of 6T review..
"I've been using this device for more than a month now"
2019: iPhone XS Max Mini
John Sweeney
iPhone xxxtentacion. idk. just a thought.
Gg Port
then here’s me watching with my iPhone 6
Life Game Changer
Watching after the iphone 11 release😁
Vadim Manuilov
Thank you for saying “antennae” and not “antenas”
Ryan McCaffrey
I’ve just read through various comments, mostly Apple-supporting replies to genuine comments about how much Apple is ripping us off.

Now, this isn’t a new concept for us, Apple have done it for years. Although being ripped off could be subjective, particularly if you don’t use many of the product features.

I switched to Apple when the iPhone 4 was released, since then I’ve had fairly regular upgrades. Each year the new product took the price of last years product, with the old one being knocked down in price until phased out. That was until the iPhone X was released. I’m baffled at how the iPhone X gives Apple the leverage to charge so much more? It’s a new year, new tech, and should be about the same price as the previous years flagship.

I think it was a test. A test to see how much consumers were willing to pay for a new design. Remember, the iPhone 4 was a brand new design over the 3GS, but the price wasn’t inflated by 50% (or so).

512gb in a phone is quite extreme, particularly with the advent of cloud storage. But, £1449 for a phone with this amount of storage is almost the same price as a current line MacBook. That’s just plain crazy.

What it has done, though, is pave the way for hugely inflated iPad prices due any day now. Again, there’s no reason for a price hike based on my analogy above, it’s a new year, new products, old flagship prices should remain. But they won’t, you mark my words.

Those ‘complaining’ and being told ‘well don’t buy them then’ are missing the point. The people now complaining are the ones who love Apple products, the ones who have spent thousands upon thousands over the years who are now being thanked by these ridiculous prices. £1449 for a phone. Just repeat that back to yourself.

The iPhone 8 Plus, which incidentally is the one I use and won’t be upgrading again for quite some time, is kind of old for 2018. It’s price should reflect that, with the X and XS/XS Max taking its place at similar prices to the 8.

It took days for Apple to run out of stock of the new phones for 2018 after release. Days. It used to take just hours, if that.

So yeah, I agree with the complaints, and so should you. If you don’t, you’re part of the reason for yearly price increases to come. We all know Apple’s pricing is premium, but not this year, this year they’re taking the p**s out of you.
Sangeeta Jena
Just upgraded from 6s to Xs. Camera quality is 🔥. Still getting used to it as i have a habit of clicking home button for no reason and kinda missing that in XS lol.
Iphone XS wont charge Apple be like "Nah, nothing wrong, your house outlets just cant provide enough volts/amps to charge our best iPhone ever made"

9:13 and people complained about skin smoothing on the iphone 😂😂
Kenan Gedik
They changed the camera size just enough to the point where you can’t use your iPhone X case on it. That’s just dirty.
I loveee the intro song, big like just for that
Blue Carbon
The IP68 thing was a little anti-climactic.
“it’ll be a great upgrade for people who have an iphone 7 or 8”
me, with an iphone 5:
I love watching older tech videos that include the rumors about upcoming tech that hadn’t been released yet to see which ones of them came true, like the S10 finger print sensor under the glass rumor he mentioned in this video
Nik Verschuren
That intro track, wholy f. Ck!
Maroš Póč
Upgraded from 5s 16GB to Xs 256 ... hopefully it’ll last as long not even longer as the old guy. But so far all goooood :) peace from 🇸🇰
Simply Raiding Your Fridge
I’m hype, getting one for my birthday this December
80s Music
In 2019 I use iPhone 3GS
In 2029 I use iPhone XS
Seriously guys, we need to stop the trend of 1000$ phones. Not just iphone, but any phone. The more we take it for granted the more closer we get to 1500$ trend, which is exactly what we as the consumers do not want.
Shah 0322
Love my max ❤️
faudin daud
"Kira" cam😏
Oliver Hammer
9:29 *I guess they never miss huh*
bharat thapa
who else came here just to read jokes about apple products
Molly's Lovechild
Perfect timing I was just starting my 12 minute poop😅
I'm watching more and more of your videos, and I have to say, I love the format! So informative and to the point, with a great personality shining through. Keep it up, your videos are amazing!
Vivek Nair
The new iOS update made my old iPad a lion
Currently got this iPhone XS n loving every minute of it hella proud to have this phone love Apple Customer forlife bless 🙏🏾❤️💯
Your best iphone review yet, great use of words and fair criticism and noticed your tone changed when influenced by your bias, which i dont mind but its an improvement over the older iphone reviews
JayMo Daily
Awesome vid! 🙏🏾
Can't wait to upgrade from my 6s 😂
Zohair Ajmal
4:19 "it definitely performing great..."
omar ahmed
Damn you were right about the 6t and the s10 getting in screen finger print sensors 😭
420 Review
Dude just wanted to say your videos are beautiful amazing quality and love the way you put them together!
Khaqan Ahmad
"I kind of dig this gold"
Lol you're a gold digger
''[S] sad nois''
Mr. Batman
I’ve had a bad experience with my old XS because I put it in water for less than 30mins and it got water logged and the screen completely Dont, the fact is if you don’t want to break your phone don’t put it in water for more that 20 mins
Euzine Frank D' Costa
3:30 Can anyone tell me the name of the wallpaper? It looks so good!
Getting the iPhone 10S so the max is a pass for me I can’t stand big phones 😎
*spends 1200 dollars on a phone*

*doesnt get fast charging or a dongle*

*sad harmonica music*
Julien Lindauer
Tesla Roadster. Again.

Zander's Universe
Me: loves XS and wants to buy it.

Also me: has OCD and noticed the non-symmetrical volume... 🤨
Andres Ferrer
Iphone “Xs Max”
“Modular” desktop PC

Needless to say that Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave
Ductky Quak
For 1500$ the gold should be real like on the sides.
2:58 😂
Richard Latham
Love my Xs Max, upgraded from the 7+ and the improvements between these two phones are insane. The screen alone is something to get used to and it’s so beautiful!
F. B. I
I’m upgrading from 7+ to a XS
Crystal Coconut
Not much change but alot of people still want that truely big screen from Apple for a long time ! And that super damn good 4K HDR camera recording phone !
Remy Fagerstrom
probably gonna wait a few years and upgrade to either this or the 11 pro from my 8.
Harrison Williams
Do yall ever just stop listening to Marques whenever Mac shows up in the background
Ben M
Whoooo, that intro track!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Just Mason
When Marques goes try hard on his intro
This is a non-biased iPhone review and basically all the comments are either bashing Apple or praising their Android phone...
How about you all stop fanboying over which phone you personally prefer and praise this great video Marques made instead of disliking the video because you dislike iPhones.
Mathew Hastings
I’ve been watching you for about four years now, so I trust your review above the others. I bought the XS because I had the note 8 and got tired of the big phone after a year, I’ve had mine for three weeks and I don’t really have any complaints other than the notch, which only gets annoying when you play certain games full screen, other than that it fits in my hand like I wanted and does everything my Android did and more with less, so my hats off to you sir, I had to switch operating systems after many years as an Android user.
kunle odedina
He said he's a skin person, My mind is awful lmao
Nitin Air
Hey bro my i phone xs has a tag on its back saying that "assembled in china" what does it mens i can get it ??
Is it a duplicate i phone xs???
Mi Shan
Phone : incremental update
Cash : 😛
Andre Schmitz
I am impressed, how can someone talk so much about a incremental upgrade.

I guess thats why he drives a tesla and I dont.
leo chavez
Do you know how fast the prices will go down for the Xs when the 2019 iPhone comes out
Graeme Sorrell
Wow. March 2019. Marques called it correct about in glass fingerprint scanners for OnePlus 6T and Galaxy S10
Saul Martinez
Golden rule with Apple: upgrade every 2 or 3 years rather than every year.
Carla Garcia
Am i the only one who doesn't like to show off that apple logo and uses random back cover?🙄
Abhishek Sarma
I loved the music 🙄
Yeah- you just buy an xs max so you can say- "oh, I have the xs max..."
Tek Minion
Great video as always, and you just talked me out of upgrading from my I-phone X. I have been using an android device as my work phone, and was wanting to ditch android completely and go apple, just because its easier for work. But thanks for stealing me away from the Xs
Vasimalla Prasanth
But i like your video because every video of yours bring me a satisfaction,Knowledge about the tech and many more
Crimson Arzuros
Marques's iPhone reviews are on a whole other level since he takes an objective standpoint rather than being an anti-apple or an Apple sheep.
6:10 I don't think I've seen many games run this smoothly.. And I used to do PC Gaming a whole lot...
Justice Forall
I actually like that wallpaper... Cool! Now I feel like playing Tetris. (weird)
I just ordered my XS today, I've been rocking a 6S Plus for 2.5 years :)
"iS tHiS wHaT yOu waNtED?"
-Marcckkes brownie, rewind 2018

Yes I know the spelling is wrong, did it on purpose
I'm a huge sucker for MKBHD's aesthetics and general cleanliness in his studio
Abhilash Pandey
this man is so financial secured
Omkar Amonkar
Dude whr did get those amazing wallpapers
Kindly send me the link to download those wallpapers
dina osman
low key thank god this 'upgrade' was so incremental. Keeping my x
Chris Lopez
And he will say the same exact thing for this year
Edward Porter
Hey Marquis! Great reviews. Always check your channel when I’m about to make a purchase just to see what you have to say about it. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work !
Went from an 6 to an Xs and I’ve been loving it.
Guys, seriously if you’re on a budget just get the iPhone 8+. I can assure you it’s just the same thing minus the home button lol
bhaumik pawar
A (S)mall pun in the title😂😂
Crucial Muzic
I don't know about you guys, but I don't swim with
my phone and I don't intend to...
Bamwitirewa Peter
Have been watching almost every video you upload and i really like them especially the iphone xs and xs max but i really wish if i can win or access the iphone xs please.
When I heard that beat I started doing the Cwalk. Whatttttttt😎
is this music at the beginning free to use for the intro of my podcast or will i get done for copyright? thanks
robert shinenne
upgraded from a 6s+ to the Xs max....I am loving it :D. Thanks for the review~!
Shiny Heart
This guy is rich. We are not. So we watch the review and move on. Peace!