iPhone 6 vs iPhone XS Speed Test!

iPhone 6 vs iPhone XS Speed Test! Hello all and welcome to this speed test between the 2014 Apple iPhone 6 and the 2018 iPhone XS! In this video we will take a look at the performance differences in a variety of tests so that you can get an idea of what your getting if you decide to upgrade. If you have any experiences with either device that you would like to share consider sharing them down below in the comment section of this video! Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace :)

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641 комментариев
Nick Ackerman
iPhone 6 vs iPhone XS Speed Test! A8 vs A12! Let's Gooo!!
Pro BroVines
6 uses hit like
Vasilios Sotiropoulos
XS is faster than the iPhone 6. I’m shocked
I have an Iphone 6, but I like it😂
Abhishek Masih
I think 2014 iphne 6 holds respectable position in speed compared to many other android phones of its time.
Bro iPhone 6 ain’t that bad. For regular use.
I think the 6 should get an extra point just for having the 3.5mm jack.
A <1 second difference isn’t worth 1k+ dolllars
David Roman
Ill stay with my 6.In my opinion it is not worth paying that much money just to wait like 2 secs more
Antwon Griezmann
I wanna know what your 6 been eating because mine is not NEARLY that fast lmao
Karma 59995
Still using iphone 6 ...!!
Tony Darcy
He keeps sounding surprised that the iPhone XS is faster. It’s four years older. An extra half a second or less to open a non-gaming app is actually quite reasonable considering the fact the XS is a $1000 (USD) phone and most people watching this probably already own an iPhone 6. I am very surprised about how well it performed and am now seriously considering holding onto it for another year (before I watched this video I was on the fence about upgrading to the XR).
Nathan Hill
Your making it sound like the 10s is such a faster phone even though it’s 4 years newer than the iPhone 6, to be honest the iPhone 6 was very fast for a 2014 phone.
Jeff Bezos
"Idk why people buy older phones"

*cus we don't have m o n e y*

The X does not cost the same as a 100 dollar 6
Ibrahim Shahid
Omg i am so much surprised how much the 6s is faster than 6 ..The 6s was so close to the performance of iphone XS
Amr Abusalh
1930- in the future we are going to have flying cars
2019- coparing an Iphone 6 to a 10 s
Mehak preet Verma
One between iphone 8 and iphone xs
Nokia 3310 vs S9+
Yong Jian
2019? ios 10 on iphone 6 is miles faster
than ios 12. apple i rather get ios 10 than giving ios 13
Amelia Holland
omg! I can’t believe the 1k Iphone xs won!!??
what did you think was gonna happen?
lol Iphone 6 is still a beast tho
Chuck Shepherd
Seemed like 4 yrs havnt changed much
TheseTryHards Keep killing meee
I saw you with glasses through the phone
Michael Lange
This was my experience. I had an iPhone 6 and just got an iPhone XS Max
Miguel Ángel
Is your battery ok? Cause the geekbench scores should be around 1500 single and 2700 multi
Randomness at its finest
I guy in my class fr "upgraded" from a galaxy s8 plus to an iPhone 6 a week ago just bcuz the 6 is an apple product smh🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ people these days
a҉n҉t҉ TM
iPhone 11 pro max user right here 🙋🏽‍♂️
But you can buy 10 iphone 6 for the price of one iPhone XS

Tape all the iPhone 6 together and 10 times the speed.
dario pecelj
OMG I remember when you had 10 thousand subs... congratulations you deserve it 😁
Formiga atômica
Good job, congratulations, God bless.
MyLifeAsLeo YT
On the beginning you can actually see his face
Lunar Viking
As my buisness phone I would prob buy iPhone 6s.
Kriss Jacobsen
I'm surprised that the Xs is not faster. I would expect the difference to be alot bigger. The difference in opening apps are a couple of seconds max, in favor of the Xs. And when you're inside the app, it's much the same in day to day use. Conclusion is that either the Xs is surprisingly slow, or the iPhone 6 is holding up very well. And I'm obviously not paying 1099 $ to have my apps load 1-2 secs faster.
c lilpump
2:24 dual core **
Are you sure it's iPhone 6 not 6s? it looks Way faster . probably near to 6S. guess iOS 12 really improved the performance!
Tom Küpper
Who is 3 times more expensive?
-The iPhone XS
That Nintendo Gamer 2019
So, your last name is Ackerman, huh? Interesting.

Get it? It's an AOT reference.
Kia S
Iphone SE vs Xs MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tobias Klingl
Is this a "new" 6s or was it heavily used the last couple of years?
Eider Alejandro Escobar
S9 vs XS (non plus/max).
Veeresh Singh
do A9 (6S) vs A12...A9 was said to be 70% faster in processing and 90% faster in graphics than A8..
Aamir Bedi
This has to be the most important review of the Decade.
Football skills
I have a time it's not problem if the 6s not opening faster the apps 😂
PYT Shortyy
Your not tapping at the same time I’m wearing glasses your name tapping xs about 0.1 milliseconds faster
Apple Pro
Back to the days of IPhone 6 Phones were so intresting 🥺
1:31 1:31 1:31 That moment when ur speakers dim down and u expect a call
Hasan D
I am wondering how slow will iPhone Xs will be comparing to the iPhone 13
My 6 doesn’t even work with Touch ID I’ve had it since release
TheBlees 123
These phones are smooth enough. I use an Android
xDeàth Official
Liked, remember me senpai, thanks for the tip
I didn't know I was slow... ordered the Xs a few min ago...thanks for the confidence boost
Mad Gamer
Not Going To Lie But The Intro Was Kinda *Satisfying*
Jeff Bezos
*taps XS app before the 6 app*

W O W look at that difference
SaiVp Cr7
Your iphone xs is Low 😭😭😭

iphone 6 is faster ? 🤣🤣🤣
Little Dillow
Anyone else watching this on the 6 but getting the XS?
Samantha Major
Thank you for making this video I will be upgrading from a 6S to a XS Max there in the next couple weeks my battery is Dying on me I can’t keep a charge I have to keep it plugged in all the time
I went from an iPad mini (original) to an iPhone XS and I love it!!!
Who else watching on a iPhone 6??? 😂
Nas Nalbaz
Loving your XS case Nick!😍👌🏼 as well as your videos 💯
The Unknown God
All I have to say is WHAT DID YOU EXPECT
Galaxy Ru
IPhone 6s heard like “iPhone success”( I don’t know why)
If you are seeing this video in iPhone X
Like 👍
Andrew De Silva
Your speed tests are great with various combinations. Damn good! Thanxz for helping us to master technology. Peace ✌️
Dj Tk
7:21 lol😂😂😂
Sohail Jafar
I recently upgraded from a 7 to XS Max. I'm super thrilled!
Ayush Agarwal
That Beautiful intro....
Mr.muffin 67
iPhone 6 in Greece costs 250€ and XS 810€ C:
Blaschgo Schröder
Why i am watching this ? Of coirse xs is way faster🤒😂😂😂😂😂
I have an iphone 6 and its soo slow
I still have iPhone 6, RIP new iOS :(
IPhone 6 still almost as fast as Xs so if wanna upgrade recommended wait for another iPhone
Issers Supreme
Lol I have an iPhone XS and my old phone was the iPhone 6 🤣
I have an 6s and pretty fast
아 담쿠 렌 케 프
I don't know what about you, but i'll buy an IPhone 6 in 2019
Why you Here
Upgraded from the IPhone XS to IPhone 6 great improvement in speed
King Tiger
still using iphone6 and it's ok for me
david Le
I would hope my 1k Xs would be faster then the 6 haha
Alfred White
1:30 your voice cut out
Itz Tyrone
Videos saying not to have an iPhone 6 make me feel poor that I have a perfectly working iPhone 6 and my parents won’t get me and 8 Plus.
1 like equals 1 dollar.
Annas Razack
What if I can’t afford to upgrade my current 6 plus😭😭😭
Ronith Singh
I watched this video on my 6 plus :V
The iphone 6 was just a little slower cause you have to press the home button after but with the xs you just have to swipe up on the screen
Dana Perlstein
I have the 6 and I’m okay 👌🏻 but of course I wish for the xs😂
I have an iphone 6 and it's perfect for me. It's just a bit slower than iphone xs.
Hareesh Sugumar
I have an iPhone 6 rn. I ordered an iPhone XS that’s coming soon. I’m excited!
Alienteam X1
i have iphone 6 but i can''t buy the new iphone it is getting to expensive :)
Shuwu91 Lol
2nd gen touch id on 8 plus is super fast
I’m getting the 6 for Xmas
Stacy Y
We want nokia 3310 vs iphone xs max
When the iphone 6 first came out it was just as fast as the iphonexs smh apple
Ismail Direche
Thenk you so much
Dané Hulings
You can see how much the battery on the iPhone six drop from beginning to end of video whereas the 10S held strong
Yahdon Yisra’EL
This was posted a day after my birthday
Joshua Duca
nothing 😂
Ethan Tanner
Wow a real close one

Why would you compare these phones. iPhone 6 came out in 2014
test the headphone jack-ability
Refaat Abboud
Great vid as always, Nick! 👌🏼
Hey nick please explain why my bros ipod touch got higher geek bench score than your 6 (1300)
The new iPhones design like the homeless, all the old candy, old beautiful..
What did he think was gonna happen smh.
It’s like testing speed between a snail and a cheetah.
But I like snails.