iPhone 11 Pro vs XS vs X SPEED Test!

iPhone 11 Pro vs XS vs X Ultimate Speed Test. NOT as fast as you may think.. App launching, Face ID, WiFi 6, LTE & Geekbench 5.

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My iPhone X runs like it did day one and upgrading to either of these would just be stupid for 1k.
Apple forgot to slow down the XS before the 11 launch.

Dont worry they will fix that soon.
Cami Shutters
“IPhone X is finally showing its years” 😂😂 it’s not old at all
Pan Ng
"The iPhone 11 pro did overheat a lot"
"There is even a weird sound coming out of the display at one stage..."

That is scary
Edward Kim
Why would anyone decide to upgrade to the 11 Pro from any kind of 10 model?
Supreme Sidhu
*There’s a weird sound coming from the screen*

“I’m sure apple will fix it in an update”
David Watson
you realize how much money Apple will lose just by people watching this video?
Talb Ali
If you think that the iPhone x is slow😏😏 come over and test my iphone 6s🙂🙂
Philoup C
My IPhone X still performs very well i don't get any lagging at all !
Traveling The World
Apple focused on 4 major things

3 cameras and marketing
Ninja 001
Watching this on my overheated 11Pro.
John Doe
What a disappointing update from Apple. Keeping my iPhone X until the notch disappears.
Aaron Bryan
How come they call it “Pro” if the XS Max does a faster and better performance. 🤦🏻‍♂️
I bought the XS Max in August 2019 and everyone told me that I made a mistake and should have just waited for the 11. I feel just fine with my decision.
Who's waiting out for the 2020 iPhone
Summary: the XS is just a second slower than the 11 Pro
How is two years several years old?
Myles Garrett
I’m just here chilling with my XS Max
And I’m so proud I have my old iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and my iPad 6th gen!!! I’ll never give these away!! We got this forever buddy!!!
Ma Boi
A13: im the most fastest and powerful mobile chipset that ever exi-
A12x: allow me to introduce myself
cocojack septymelon
2017: oh the iphone x is better
2018: iphone x but more faster
2019: oh the new huawei is fantastic
Anirudhh Raghavan
4:51 don’t ever do that. It can create condensation inside the phone, and spoil it from the inside
That’s why I’m keeping my X
“A new iPhone each year, will make your money disappear”🤣
Taru Sinha
*no videos for 5 days*
**4 vids in 36 hours**
Andrew Makasini
“Several years old..” bro the X came out 2 years ago. I’m keeping mines till next year. Otherwise OnePlus 7T Pro it is.
Ya boi Joe 123
Imagine having 4gb of ram in 2019 almost 2020.
Brian L
it’s 2019, every phone from the past 3 years is fast enough at this point. Do speed tests really matter at this point when most people just do basics with their phones anyways?
Nathan Wright
I’m happy with my decision to keep my XS for another year, possibly years.
Meghna Doshi
You could just understand from his voice that he was disappointed with the iPhone 11 pro.
3 years of development but they look identical besides some minor changes
George B
Buy a 1400 euro device to be slower as the older model . Only Apple can do it :)))
Dilashja Point
When you compara Face ID you also include the animations, so I’m confused on what you don’t like, Face ID speed or animation speed
Антоха Фоменко
Let's do iphone 11 pro vs iphone 5s speed test!!!
The Big Shebang
Loving my iPhone Xs. I see no reason to get the 11 Pro. I’m holding out till 2020.
oconnor dominic
I still use the iPhone 5

Life is hard
It’s ya boy Deegan
6:13 peppa what are you doing on my iPhone 11 pro
Dinker Kaushal
When you gonna try Apple logo light mod on iPhone 11. Regards
hasina khatun
How come they call it “Pro” if the XS Max does a faster and better performance. I love slowfie
I still have the X and not planning to upgrade anytime soon.
Jordy D Barrios
Watching this on my iPhone XS and this is will be my iPhone for many years.
Grey Lawson
Forgot the app has moved from Geekbench 4 to Geekbench 5 and I was like “why tf are these the same scores from the iPhone 6s”
Street Spankerz
Install iOS 13 on the X and see how much faster it is because it’s amazing. Not that it was ever slow to begin with, but the way your paid to show off the phone your acting like it’s a iPhone 6 compared to these new models, cut it some slack.
Khaly29 Ali
I’m keep my 10 s max Gold was the way good
twerk video on 1k subs
Apple focussed on 4 major things

*3 cameras and marketing*
Wow I just imagine how a day like that would look like.having my own iPhone 11promax in my hands🙏🙏
MySkullSide Brandon
Guess we all know way there’s an update now 😂😂😂 they going to make the old ones run slow
Still rocking the 3GS, there’s no new features on these new phones—I’ll be hanging onto this.
Marcel Shehu
I really like the fact that he (as much as he loves apple like some of us do) still calls them out when they screw up or don't give us what's kinda standard in 2019... he enjoys having the products but still is brutally honest to us. thank you sir, keep the good work going.
Daniel Loacker
U didn’t make a “IOS 13 official release” video
Christian Owers
So you’re saying that my Xs Max should do me fine for the next year
Mekel Dixon
And they say the a13 is an upgrade from the a12🤦🏿‍♂️
Asembra Production
I’ll just wait until someone cracks their 11 maxs’ back and I’ll buy it for 300 like I did with my Xs max lol
sYpherProdigy YT
Wow I just literally discovered your channel and now I'm dedicated to being like supportive because you're content is really way more interesting than I thought keep up the good work 😆
Jon Kelm
Guess my Xs was a good move last near. Absolutely no reason to upgrade. Battery life is no issue and runs faster than I’ll ever need. Good job apple 😂
Fredy Morales
That’s amazing 😉 can’t wait to win won classic morales I did everything u said
Stefan Ciganovic
I was wondering how Note10+ destroying Iphone11pro in all tests, look's like there is no upgrade from last gen...
Why am I watching this I ain’t getting the phone
Apple już RIP.
Dzięki Bogu mam sgs10+ i jest super :)
Dapur Biru
Not much of a difference. *WE NEED MORE INNOVATION & IMPROVEMENTS!*
Keepin it Jonesy
Several years? bro it’s came out two years ago even in terms of tech it’s not old.
tinmyat min
Even my XR did over 300k score on antutu benchmark after playing some heavy games
Thant Sin Thu
I am proud of my XS❤️
jazzy goddess
imagine my iphone 7 tryna compete with the newer phones it would be so slow 😂
Reinier Heikoop
Hey man! i love your videos they are amazing!

My iphone 5s broke last week and i really want an iphone 11 but i dont have the money for it
i hope i win the giveaway! and even if i dont win i love your videos and keep going! ❤️🔥
Tobat's Channel
"when you move apps".... move em to where? LOL
Loki Odinson
11 pro not faster than 10?
Don't worry...
Apple will fix it in next update of iPhone 10 😂
Juzo Sage
I currently experience the weird sound coming off the display of my 7 plus
Pk ‘s
Man I love this channel❤️❤️❤️ I just did the give away entries and hopefully I win 🤞🏽
Wont Upgrade from my xs max till Apple releases something „new“...
So glad I upgraded from the X, I can feel the upgrade. So now I can wait till around a year and a half or more and get the 2020 iphone for cheap
I’m keeping my Xs Max for at least 2-3 years
9:20 then switch TMobile since your in Washington
I'm holding on my SE until I see an SE 2
Hi Taylor
No one

iPhone X: importing ———
World Wide Productions
Getting the 11 coming from a 6S seems like a good buy to me but if you’re on aX or a XS then I wouldn’t upgrade
Ҭસ૯ றі૬ҬЯ૯૬૬
I’m still paying my XS Max I also just might get the 11 pro Max
Magic Man
The 11 pro was worth the upgrade for me but that was coming from a tired iphone 7 lol. quite a big difference compared to jumpin from the x
Even tho I’m still in my 2 year contract for my iPhone X - I’m still really happy with it and nice to see the specs and the tests show that it’s still up there
Yup, I’m fine with my XS Max, it doesn’t overheat
Christian Burris
Feels like the smartest decision all around is to get previous years iPhone model.
Bobby Chakraborty
I still prefer geekbench 4, its just that higher numbers are satisfying
Amit Zamir
This might be the most inaccurate test I have ever seen
Rony Hodelin
I really really really want this phone, I have an android phone since 2016 and it doesn't work anymore and i like to try new stuff and this phone is 10/10
I hope I win the giveaway a use the phone 24/7 and knowing how an IPhone works😆😆
J Mo
Still rocking my iPhone X. Won’t be upgrading till next year! Anyone else?
Lesson to learn: dont buy new phones in preorder
Éli L.B
Watching this on my old and cracked iphone 5c.. why am i torturing myself😂😂
10,000 subscribers, 0 videos.
And here’s my cracked iPhone 6 taking longer to just load this video.
Kevan Glover
I’m telling y’all if y’all have an 8+ they are FAST AS shit! Thank you Apple pro for convincing me to wait until 2020!! Thank you for your honest reviews! And I almost jumped the gun on this new pro series
Loki Odinson
11 pro not faster than 10?
Don't worry...
Apple will fix it in next update of iPhone 10 😂
Tim Possible
Since when does 2 years equal "several years"? 1:50
Shane Mitchell
I launched apps at the same time as you did in the video (like Asphalt on my iPhone X) and beat all of the launches by 2 seconds or more.
The X showing its age at 2 years old 😂
I mean it also has more durability and stuff plus it has a higher brightness and resolution apparently.
Hamza Malik
I couldn't even tell which phone was which
Awsm Ryan
Whyyyyyyy they are gonna make the xs slower to make the 11 “better”
when I try the entry for visiting your YouTube page it logs me out of gleam
JP Bredenkamp
First year I haven’t upgraded my phone since the iPhone 5, and I have no regrets 😂
morgynn stedman
I've noticed that sense I switched to my one plus 7pro I noticed how much less warm it runs. I had overheating issues with my XS MAX not absolutely none with this. Just something a noticed not hating on apple at all.
I have the IPhone X I’m going to wait for next years phone
I’ve used the hell out of my iPhone X since release and although it’s the slowest performer here, I don’t notice it because I don’t frantically open and close apps like someone with Parkinson’s. I’m good to wait until next year.