Shure 545 & PE54 Impedance Setup

The Shure SM57 is a low- impedance cardioid dynamic microphone made by Shure Incorporated and commonly used in live sound reinforcement and studio recording. It is one of the best-selling microphones in the world. It is used extensively in amplified music and has been used for speeches by every U. The origin of SM57 may be traced to , when Shure engineer Benjamin Bauer developed the first single-element directional microphone, the Unidyne, which had a cardioid pickup pattern. Because he “despised” rock music , the TEC Foundation said that it was ironic that the microphone has become “a mainstay of rock music. The SM57 uses the same capsule as the popular SM Like the SM58, the SM57 is fitted with an XLR connector and features a balanced output , which helps to minimize electrical hum and noise pickup. The Shure A2WS is an accessory windscreen for the SM57 that attenuates wind noise and plosives “pop” sounds , and protects the microphone capsule. The SM57 is a popular choice of musicians due to its sturdy construction and ability to work well with instruments that produce high sound pressure levels , such as percussion instruments and electric guitars. The School of Audio Engineering SAE recommends the SM57 along with other makes and models for four roles in a drum kit : kick drum , snare drum , rack toms , and floor tom.

Vintage 1956 Shure 99H86 643 White Label CR Microphone Element

Item – BCRH Item – BCRD The label is difficult to read but it looks like

So you would read an element dated QJ as Q= J=Oct One dated NH would read N= H=Aug Shure seemed to use the months A-L.

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Element carbon dating

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Vintage Shure 99S MJ Controlled Magnetic Microphone Element 73 Shure eliminated the labels from some elements, and stamped the date code.

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Stamp Extremely, with hi-z controlled reluctance transducers began. Leading manufacturer of reprobated online dating a serial number schemes and controlled-reluctance. Does fit the unidyne.

US4489442A – Sound actuated microphone system – Google Patents

The Heil RC 35 is a replacement microphone capsule for wireless transmitters, using the same internal elements as the PR The RC 35 gives you all the great articulation and high rejection of side and rear noise, along with other benefits of the PR The smoother, flatter response with very high side and degree rejection will make it worth replacing your current brand with the RC

Les meilleures offres pour 1 Shure Mic Element 99T Controlled Magnetic It is buyers’ responsibility to be sure your address is up to date prior to bidding.

The iconic, original Shure Model Photo: Shure, Inc. In , Shure revolutionised the music industry with a microphone so successful that it is still in production today! A few years later, with radio broadcasting, public-address and two-way radio communications becoming more common, he took on the distribution of microphones from a now long-gone manufacturer. Realising the vast potential for this nascent market, Shure Brothers started making their own microphones in , their first in-house design being the Model 33N, a carbon-button microphone the dominant microphone technology of the day.

To put these dates in context, Georg Neumann started his microphone company in , the Russian manufacturer that became Oktava started making mics in , Electro-Voice in and Beyerdynamic in , while both AKG and Sennheiser were formed post-war in Of course, there were several pioneering companies making microphones before this, such as Western Electric, Westinghouse, RCA, Marconi, EMI and others, but none are still involved in the microphone business today!

Vintage 1972 Shure 99S556 MJ Controlled Magnetic Microphone Element

Like the condenser microphone, this is also a type of pressure microphone, and responds to sound pressure. Shown at left is a section view of a dynamic microphone. These microphones are known for their durability; they are less fragile than condenser microphones, and are able to take in much louder noises before they begin distorting the sound. They are often used by musicians performing live, due to both their ability to handle louder sounds and their physical durability.

Though this microphone type is not in wide-spread use today, it is the most common microphone type in the Steele Collection. The collection contains Dynamic microphones, a large selection of which is shown in the galleries below.

There are a number of Shure & PE54 models that followed, which came with Shure R45 element made in Mexico, rather than USA. The Mexican R45 are.

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I began organizing it into JT

Shure Vintage Shure 99B86 Hi-Z CM Controlled Magnetic Element Blues Harp 1970/80s Date Code QF

Broadband multi-strip patch antenna. Patent number: A parasitic patch is coupled to the main patch along at least a portion of a non-radiating edge of the main patch, and the parasitic patch includes a first strip and a second strip, wherein at least a portion of the first strip of the parasitic patch is disposed above the ground strip and at least a portion of the second strip of the parasitic patch is disposed below the ground strip. Type: Grant.

Filed: August 31, Date of Patent: August 30,

The original crystal element is dated Dec and still kicks butt! Some minor Volume control installed with cool ivory knob and Shure CM element 99S

Order by:. Available to:. Nice Shape.. Vintage Shure 55 Dynamic Microphone Element – original and working. Vintage Controlled Reluctance Microphone cartridge. Here is a vintage Shure Microphone cartridge with nice rubber gasket and a biscuit shaped element with white covering. The element has hard to read lettering Vintage Controlled Magnetic Microphone cartridge. Vintage ‘s Shure Brothers S crystal microphone w clip prop display 1.

Vintage controlled reluctance elements

Order by:. Available to:. Nice Shape.. Vintage Shure 55 Dynamic Microphone Element – original and working. Vintage Controlled Magnetic Microphone cartridge. Vintage Controlled Reluctance Microphone cartridge.

Vintage Shure 99C86 CM Element w/Transformer $ used in place of Controlled Reluctance Elements and they continued to use the three digit date code.

It is intended for vocal use. The mic has a dual-diaphragm The output of these capsules is manipulated electronically to support two pickup patterns, cardioid and supercardioid. Both elements face forward and are contained within a single housing. Via a double-pole switch, the rear element is connected in parallel to the front element. When the rear element is connected to have the same polarity as the front element, the resultant pattern is cardioid. When the rear element is connected to have the opposite polarity as the front element, the resultant pattern is supercardioid.

Using this approach, the sensitivities of both patterns are nearly identical. Compared to a single element directional microphone, this two element design also lessens proximity effect, handling noise, and wind noise. The capsule in the KSM9 is tuned to produce the strongest rear rejection at a distance of 6 feet, which is a typical distance between the mic on stage and a floor monitor. The switchable pattern is very useful for all types of vocalists in every situation.

In the cardioid pattern the KSM9 performs very well and airy when having a vocalist on a set of in-ear monitors or with a lower stage volume. In the supercardioid pattern the mic response is beautifully with superb off-axis rejection.

Shure SM57

Nice Shape.. Astatic model JT high impedance microphone and stand. Livraison gratuite. May have a bit of wire still on terminals. Buyer to have proper soldering techniques.

Check out Shure RPW Dynamic Replacement Element for Beta 58A Microphone Transmitters reviews, ratings, Date First Available, 8 October ​.

Click here to watch a video tour of what the inside of the site looks like. Take the tour now. Click here for our system of mastery for all skill level blues harmonica students. Today I wanted to answer another very common question which nobody here asked What is the difference between CM and CR elements? It turns out there were many evolutions of the element Shure put in its bullet style microphones. Chronologically, it went like this, from mid-forties to today:.

With each successive generation, the elements got a little cleaner, gained a little more high frequency response, and a little more headroom ability to withstand high sound pressure levels without distortion. Of course since what we crave is the “right” kind of distortion, we often prefer the older elements. The difference between a 1 and a 5? Almost anyone can hear it. The 5 is warmer, fatter and grittier.

Between a 2 and a 4?

Heil Sound RC 35

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the kicker is that both mics are shure crystal elements number 99b94 dated fl (​dec ?). they both are barely audible and sometimes are dead.

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Note of the astatic jt30 are special ones.

Shure SE215 LTD In-Ear Earphone Review